Downtown Steakhouse was founded to connect people through world cuisine. With sophisticated and creative dishes inspired by the quintessence of culinary delights from major European and American cities with a modern atmosphere, Downtown Steakhouse is the right choice for romantic evenings, reunion with friends and family.


At Downtown Steakhouse, you will enjoy a lot of delicious food with great ingredients such as US beef with USDA choice, which is rich in nutrients, low fat source,… a plate of spaghetti with creamy spicy taste or a plate of salad with special sauce is only available at Downtown Steakhouse. All will combine with a glass of red wine or a glass of fresh beer cool.


Downtown Steakhouse currently has 3 branches

On the 3rd floor, 42 Nguyen Hue, District 1 where people call it “the cafe apartment” with squares like chocolate bars right in the heart of Saigon.


In addition, the Hoa Mai branch is opened for #teamphunhuan with a more unique area, besides the familiar fire-style beef dish, there are also many dishes from fresh seafood: green mussels, scallops, and salmon …


The new bistro coming to District 10 gives a fresh and young environment for couples and families. The menu has many new dishes, such as #pizza and #cheese, which attract people to discover.


“Ordered pork bbq with extra mushroom… very tender & juicy… just little flaw was the meat also got the oily fattening part.” – Yulie Lie

“The restaurant is gentle, elegant, delicious food.” – Tu Phan

“Tasty steaks and friendly staff. Hard to find (it’s on the 3rd floor), but it definitely worth to visit.” – Hubert Pavelek

“Cozy place. We had Top Blade 300gr steak with sweet corn, pepper sauce and garlic bread. It was very tasty! – Andy

“Reasonable price with good product” – Edward Guan

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